tonight at the bus stop a man started talking to me about how he used to make 42 dollars an hour working at a water treatment facility but quit because he learned too much about water treatment and then he proceeded to tell me about it

and then he told me he has skin cancer and he showed me part of his skin where the cancer had been removed and i really wanted to say you and i are not far enough in our relationship for you to be lifting up your shirt to show me things but instead i have him my genuine sympathies  

how was gotham

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The Addams Family c. 1960s

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Mary Magdalene by Philippe de Champaigne (detail)

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elektra 2014- haden blackman and michael del mundo

"I could disappear to another corner of this earth. Become anyone I want… A dancer, an artist or a diplomat. A lover, a wife and a mother… A soldier or teacher or friend…

My life would finally be my own.”

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Mako Mori (and her umbrella/blue highlights/badass/backstory) was definitely the best part of Pacific room.

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The fact that she exists in the same universe as Rocket makes me really happy for some reason.

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"I will literally pay you to stop talking."

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i feel idk conflicted i guess about the whole should we just replace the n word with something different in huck finn discussion because as a child i was often in the position of being the only black kid in my class so i am well aware that a lot of white kids will use any excuse to say the n word (we didn’t read huck finn but we read tom sawyer which uses the n word significantly less but it’s still there) and reading out loud is a prominent part of a lot of english classes. (i also remember when my little brothers who are both white read huck finn it took me months to get them to stop saying the n word)

but i’m also not into the idea of pretending that book is anything other than what it is.

mostly i think i just feel like this book shouldn’t be taught in schools as much as it is. why is this book written by a white guy the definitive novel on slavery? jim isn’t even the main character. it’s a book by a white guy from the pov of a white guy. i think the public education system can do better than that.

why spend the time making that book more acceptable when you could branch out and try something new

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The Pained Heart, Arthur Hughes.

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there’s so much argument over whether huck finn should be censored i kinda just feel like why don’t you idk

read a different book

i feel like natasha romanoff probably doesn’t care about grant ward

not that i can’t appreciate headcanon’s about her punching him in the face but i can’t actually imagine her going out of her way to get him because he made one sexist comment about her. they’re not in the same social or work circle. they’ve probably had limited to no interaction. 

i kinda feel like this idea that natasha has this huge personal reason to have something against ward takes away from what he did to skye and melinda. he didn’t make a rude comment about them. he worked himself into their lives, made himself essential, then betrayed their trust and their safety.

(but of course natasha is white and skye and melinda are woc so it’s automatically worse that ward insulted natasha. how dare you be sexist towards a white woman)

if anything if natasha felt the need to go after ward it would be on melinda and skye’s behalf, not her own. i know we shouldn’t mix 616 cannon with mcu canon because they’re but the same but i hope mcu!natasha shares her comics counterpart’s need to defend women who have been abused by their partners.

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"Here is the handful
of shadow I have brought back to you:
this decay, this hope, this mouthful
of dirt, this poetry."

Margaret Atwood, “Mushrooms,” from Notes Towards a Poem That Can Never Be Written (via lifeinpoetry)

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